ISSUE NR.4 2016

Responsibility is an inherently positive notion in the following sense: There can be no such thing without the freedom to act otherwise, without grounding our actions in sound reasoning and without the requisite understanding of our world. Whenever we talk about responsibility, there is thus always an implication of these basic human privileges (freedom and information) and competence (rationality). It is this implication that displays responsibility as an ideal in which – if recognized – we manifest our human nature.

Particularly in times of salient moral challenges, when many show a special sense of responsibility while others brazenly and publicly fail to live up to theirs, the concept may both be perceived as an expression of this ideal as well as one of the moral high-ground.

In this fourth issue of 39NULL the 47 contributors from the arts, culture, politics and society shed light on this multifaceted phenomenon and in so doing bring to the fore its genuinely positive essence.