Coming, Staying, Going

Issue no.1 2013

The first issue of 39NULL, entitled “Coming, Staying, Going”, focuses on brain drain and examines the long-term effects on rural regions of the ‘emigration of the creative’. Why do young artists leave the countryside behind? Do they leave because they find better educational and job opportunities in urban centres? Do they leave because they find more space for personal development, self-realization, and networking in the cities? Does South Tyrol offer too few stimuli and too few possibilities for these young artists? What is the current state of the South Tyrolean art scene? Does it suffer from the emigration of creative minds or does it also witness reverse tendencies?

39NULL asked representatives from the fields of art, music, fashion, culture and cultural politics, and literature to answer these questions. They reflected on this topic and gave us their point of view on the matter. The result is an exciting collection of personal stories on South Tyrolean artists and cultural workers, both home and abroad. They recount why they have left, stayed, and come (again) and express their hopes and visions for a life in South Tyrol, or elsewhere.

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